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Most Outstanding Mayor Award 2014

                                                              randing is all about a product whose deliverables need to be consistent
                                                              to make a brand. There is no room for excuses and failure is not an
        FOREWORD                                        Boption. Addressing inevitable issues head-on is a matter of strategy
                                                        and the only option with strategic management that is forthright. Only with
                                                        consistency can integrity be developed.

                                                             There is a dire need to generate an awareness for the brands that are
                                                        established over years of service for our country. While there are multiple
                                                        award-giving bodies in the Philippines, there stands a dearth for the global
                                                        brand arbiter to identify and celebrate our dignitaries.

                                                             Enter SMI.
                                                             Superbrands  Marketing  International  Inc.  is  a  multinational  that
                                                        qualifies eligible BRANDS to enter into the realm of marketing success. We
                                                        are  the  ONLY  international  Award-giving  body  on  Marketing/Branding
                                                        in the Philippines, known as the global brand arbiter. A Superbrand pays
                                                        tribute to the strongest brands in the country. Over the past eighteen years, our
                                                        organization has produced high quality publications that serve and promote
                                                        over 14,000 of the greatest brands in 88 countries worldwide. Internationally,
                                                        our  “coffee  table”  books  have  proved  successful  and  are  highly  respected.
                                                        Superbrands have built a significant audience and recognition for the brands
                                                        it  features  through  extensive  distribution  in  both  local  and  international
                                                        markets as well as our numerous public relations programs.

                                                        A Mayor
                                                             Is the chief executive officer for local governments be it a city and or
                                                        municipality.  The  mandate  a  Mayor  receives  immediately  identifies  his
                                                        “outstanding “status that cannot be contested. He or she enjoys the trust and
                                                        confidence of the population that make up their constituents.

                                                        An Outstanding Mayor
                                                             Is  bestowed  to  deserving  Mayors  whose  projects  are  noteworthy  for
                                                        the improvement of his city. Their active participation with civil society and
                                                        leadership qualities become a template for their successors. He/she becomes
                                                        the  role  model  for  the  local  governments’  administration  and  effective
                                                        management for services for the people.

                                                        Most Outstanding Mayor
                                                             This  Very  Important  Person  or  VIP,  whose  actions  and  opinions
                                                        strongly influence the course of events, is part and parcel of the character of
                                                        a leader, a nation builder, a statesman and A Most Outstanding Mayor. This
                                                        government chief executive becomes the brand necessary for the city to strive
                                                        to be the best amongst the best charting innovations for services delivered
                                                        and aspirations for its citizens to follow.

                                                              This is the objective of this award and the effort to cite them, their
                                                        achievements and their information to promote their cities, their successes
                                                        and contributions that painstakingly piece together what we collectively enjoy
                                                        in our country today. These awards and citations have a singular purpose—to
                                                        educate and inform the publication’s readers.

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