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Most Outstanding Mayor Award 2014

               It  is  the  thrust  of  the  City  Government  of  Cauayan  City   Citizen-Oriented Government (Social Responsibility)
          to make it the ideal place where everything you are looking for   We commit to provide the best of social services for our dear
          can possibly be found; the center for business, education, career   Cauayenos  such  as  education  and  career  opportunities,  health,
          opportunities, leisure and recreation; the best place for building   and infrastructures.
          a family life, a God-centered community of empowered citizenry
          with  rich  culture,  a  healthy,  clean  and  peaceful  environment,   Education and Career Development
          under the leadership of an honest, innovative, and citizen-oriented   For  education,  we  granted  scholarship  programs  to
          government. The accomplishments below signify how much we   underprivileged  yet  deserving  college  students,  conducted
          have become so far and what else has to be done in reaching our   meetings and discussions with the members of the Cauayan City
          goal of truly making Cauayan City the Ideal City of the North.  Scholarship  Governing  Board  for  new  policies  in  Scholarship
                                                                     Program,  distributed  school  supplies  and  school  bags  for
                      Center for Business in Region 2                elementary students, supported the Isabela School for the Blind
               We  want  to  increase  Cauayan  City’s  potential  to  be  the   and our Special Education (SPED) Center in programs that aim
          center for business and investment in Cagayan Valley. With that,   towards self-development, participated in SM Cauayan Job Fair
          we  welcomed  the  entry  and  establishment  of  multi-national   and  the  Eco-fuel  Land  Development,  Inc.  and  Green  Future
          companies such as the SM City Cauayan and Robinson’s Place,   Innovation, Inc. Job Fair to support our youth from education
          upgraded the Cauayan City Public Market into Greenway Market, in   to  employment  and  career  development,  participated  in  the
          partnership with LKY Development Corporation, institutionalized   celebration  of  Teacher’s  Day  to  recognize  the  contributions  of
          the Business Permit and Licensing Office as a separate department   teachers in uplifting our educational system, and supported the
          to accessibly cater the entry of new and big businesses, created   Interschool  Basketball  Competition  among  the  students  from
          an Entrepreneurship Office to enhance the city’s entrepreneurs,   different schools as well as the Intertown Basketball Competition
          promoted  Cauayan  City’s  mushroom  industry,  we  being  the   where Cauayan City placed as winner
          Mushroom City of the North, and advancement of the production
          of rice, corn, vegetables, and livestock.

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