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Most Outstanding Mayor Award 2014
      Most Outstanding Mayor Award 2014

                                                       Cauayan City:

                                                   The Ideal City of

                                                                  the North

                                                Hon. Bernard Faustino La Madrid Dy

                                                                            City Mayor
                                                                   Cauayan City, Isabela

                                                       t is with appreciation and pride as I thank the members and organizers of
                                                       the Superbrand Marketing International (SMI) for having me nominated
                                                   Ito participate in the Most Outstanding Mayor Award. Such recognition
                                                   moved  to  inspire  me  and  the  whole  City  Government  of  Cauayan  City  to
                                                   become more united and committed in serving our people and in reaching
                                                   our  goal  of  making  Cauayan  City  the  Ideal  City  of  the  North.  I  wish  more
                                                   success to this organization’s future endeavors and to my fellow local chief
                                                   executives towards each and everyone’s goal of bringing significant changes
                                                   in our respective local governments.

                                                        Mayor  Bernard  Faustino  La  Madrid  Dy  was  born  on  May  30,  1979.
                                                   He  finished  B.S.  Business  Administration  Major  in  International  Business
                                                   at  University  of  California  Riverside  and  obtained  a  masteral  degree  in
                                                   Organization Development from Southeast Asia Interdisciplinary Development
                                                   Institute. Before being elected as the City Mayor, he was the Vice President of
                                                   the University of Perpetual Help System-Isabela and an Executive Committee
                                                   Member of University of Perpetual Help-Isabela Management Inc. from 2004
                                                   to  2012.  He  has  been  an  active  member  of  Junior  Chamber  International
                                                   (JCI), an organization with the advocacy of bringing positive global change,
                                                   where  he  became  the  Charter  President  of  JCI  Cauayan  Bamboo  in  2003,
                                                   the  National  President  of  JCI  Philippines  in  2011,  and  was  elected  as  the
                                                   Vice President of JCI International in 2013. He also actively participated in
                                                   organizations such as World Youth Alliance, Gawad Kalinga, where he headed
                                                   the  Isabela  Province  Chapter,  president  of  PetcR2  (Coalition  for  Clean  Air
                                                   Advocates), and Vice President of Philippine Field Hockey. At the age of 34,
                                                   he is the young and active Local Chief Executive of Cauayan City, with the
                                                   heart to serve and the commitment and dedication to make Cauayan City the
                                                   Ideal City of the North.

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